Profile PSYCHE offers individual sessions, workshops and seminars to people who want to bring balance in their lives and increase their mental well-being. Through the specially designed web platform, you can participate in our community wherever you are and whenever you can.

PSYCHE brings together ideas from the science of psychology and the arts, in order to help you express your feelings and thoughts. PSYCHE offers workshops combining psychology with writing, photography, literature and cinema.

PSYCHE aims to help you empower your soul. Living in a world that is sometimes characterized by too much materialism can consequently result in us neglecting the spiritual part of ourselves. PSYCHE can help you enhance your emotional balance, feel better and act better.

Psyche in mythology

PSYCHE (/ˈsaɪkiː/), has its roots in the Greek word “ψυχή” (psyche), meaning the soul, mind, spirit, breath, life.

In mythology, Psyche was the youngest and prettiest of the three daughters of the king of Sicily. After many quests set by Aphrodite, Psyche meets the charming young God, Eros. In this story, written in the second century AD by the Romean writer and philosopher Apuleius, Psyche was representative of the soul and Eros of divine love.

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Online experience

Using our user-friendly online platform (Moodle), you can participate in our special workshops. There is no need for specific technological knowledge or software.

You can check our online programme and find the ideal workshop for you.

Why choose PSYCHE

In contrast with other online programs, our workshops are held in small groups. This means that the interaction between the facilitator and the participants, as well as the interaction within the group itself, is high and qualitative. The atmosphere is always friendly with a sense of familiarity and safety.

Our facilitators are all experienced professionals in their field, who have a high level of knowledge. They love exploring specialized areas and meeting new people. They are more than eager to meet and help you.


In collaboration with Joanna Robaczewska, we aim to empower women and young girls in developing countries using writing as a basic tool. What we specifically focus on is to improve mental well-being through writing.

Women in developing countries face many challenges that can stop them from fulfilling their potential, but also increase their risk of mental illness. Writing techniques can be used as an effective tool to help these women improve their mental well-being and increase their inner strength. This will also have a positive impact on their families and community.

Writing has been used with positive results in the western world and developed countries as a successful and therapeutic method. We propose to also introduce it to developing countries, where writing is not well known as a therapeutic method.

With our project, women will learn what expressive writing is and how to use it purposefully to build their psycho-social competencies.

We can contribute to women’s empowerment in developing countries, where limited access to education, fewer chances for professional development, domestic violence and societal abuse can  negatively affect the quality of women’ s lives.

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Dimitra Didangelou (2)      Blessings,

Dimitra Didangelou
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